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7 Reasons We Charge Up To 40% Less

For The Exact Same Service


    1. We don’t charge for tags. One company charges $2 per tag. These cost pennies.


    2. We don’t charge for tamper seals. One company charges $2 per tamper seal. These cost pennies.


    3. We don’t charge fire extinguisher powder by the pound. Some companies charge $3/pound.


    4. We don’t sell you high cost products just because of brand name. We carried the same UL rated equipment but without the expensive brand name.


    5. We are not a franchise and don’t have to pay up to 57% of charges to a larger company.


    6. We don’t pay franchise royalty fees.


    7. We give you a fair price so that we can still make a reasonable profit without gouging.


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UP TO 40% Less For The Exact Same Service (7 Reasons Click Here)