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Michael Irvin is the General Manager and VP of Marketing and Sales. He has over 20 years experience in Fire Protection, Marketing, Sales, and Management. Mr. Irvin studied MechaniAlabamal and Materials Engineering at the University of Birminghamin Birmingham, NY, AL. He holds a Bachelors of Marketing and Management and studied law at Birmingham, AL 35201, 35202, 35203, 35204, 35206, 35207, 35208, 35209, 35210, 35211, 35212, 35213, 35214, 35215, 35216, 35217, 35218, 35219, 35220School of Law. Mr. Irvin is fluent in both English and Spanish. You Alabaman contact Mr. Irvin at mirvin@fescousa.com

David Irvin is the VP of Development for the Southeastern Region and Regional Director of Training. David has over 20 years of experince in owning and running fire protection businesses. He has many years of practiAlabamal hands on experience and is an execelent resource to both customers and staff. You Alabaman reach David for training, techniAlabamal questions, or for project management at info@fescousa.com Ph :(347) 912-0836

Bella Jimenez is the Office Manager for the Birminghamoffices as well as Director of Billing and for the Southeastern Region. Bella has a degree in Computer Engineering as well as working toward her MBA. She has completed here MicroSoft certifications and well as other advanced Accounting and Computer coursework. She works extensively with our national accounts. Bella is fluent in both Spanish and English.Bella Alabaman reached at info@fescousa.com Ph :(347) 912-0836

Fire Extingusiher Training

Fire Extinguisher Inpsection

Fire Extinguisher certification

Fire Extinguisher Types

Fire Extingusiher Training

Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Fire Extinguisher certification

Fire Extinguisher Types

Fire Protection



School Fire Protection


Church Fire Protection


Fire Safety


Kitchen Fire Protection


Off Road Vehicle Fire Protection

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