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Kitchen Online Fire Protection


Kitchen Online Fires are common. Most kitchen fires are small and extinguished very quickly before causing very much damage to property or people involved. Over time different methods have been used to put our small kitchen fires, these include putting a lid over a pan on fire, putting salt on the fire, putting the fire out with water, and even using a towel to put out the fire. All of these methods for extinguishing a fire has its own extra dangers involved. For example, clothe and other flamable objects used to put out a fire can lead to the object catching fire and result in even more danger and damage. Also grease may splash back on the peron putting out the fire if grease, oil, or animal fat is involved.Water used on electrical fires can be especially hazardous due to water conducting electricity. This may lead to electrical shock of the person extingusihing the fire in this manner.


The best and safest method for extinguishing a kitchen fire done by using a fire suppression system installed inside the kitchen hood. There are several types of kitchen fire suppression systems. Each is designed for the particular type of hood, fires that may be encountered, and type of cooking taking place in the kitchen. Restaurants kitchen fire suppression systems are regulated by fire marshals and must be serviced every 6 months. Health Departments and insurance companies also are involved in making sure that restaurant owners, hospital kitchen managers, church kitchen managers, and school lunchroom kitchen managers have the kitchen fire suppression system properly maintained every 6 months.


Home kitchen hood suppression systems are becoming more common. These type of kitchen hood suppression systems provide a similar type fo fire protection as commercial or industrial kitchen, restaurant fire suppression systems but at much less the cost. These home kitchen hood suppression systems also need to be serviced every 6 months to help insure that they are properly functioning at the time of service.


In addition to kitchen hood fire suppression system service needing to be performed every 6 months, most commercial or restaurant kitchen hoods are required to be professionally cleaned by a hood and duct grease cleaning company every 3 months. Under some circumstances church and school kitchen hood systems may be professionally cleaned at every 6 month intervals. But any hood that is used frequently will need more frequent cleaning. This cleaning includes the cleaning of the hood filters. Chinese restaurants and restaurants using solid fuel to cook (chargriling, wood cooking, etc.) need professional cleaning at least every month.



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