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Everyday more and more employees are joining companies. Many of these employee do not speak English or they do not Speak English well. A vast majority of these non-English Speaking employees speak Spanish as their primary or native language. It is important that these Spanish speaking employees be taught safety and company policies in Spanish. Using Spanish in safety training is important for several reasons. First, employers and companies want their employees to learn about work safety and company policies well. In order to do this employers need to insure that employees understand what they are being taught. Employees need to feel comfortable that they understand what is they are expected to learn also.


Teaching Spanish Speaking employees in Spanish may also cut down on insurance costs or lawsuits in case of an accident. One common concern among insurance companies is that employees are not completely understanding safety procedures when taught by comp nay training instructors. This is true whether the company is a construction company, a manufacturing company, or a professional company such as a hospital or accounting firm.


At Fesco Fire Extinguisher & Safety Service Company, LLC we will go out to your work site and train your Spanish Speaking employee in Spanish. We can train them in with according to our safety training procedures or we can adapt any type of training you have that needs to be taught in Spanish. Call us for a free quote.


Bilingual Safety Training

You cannot afford to leave this training to chance. Make sure that you are training your employees in their own language. Read more below.

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Everyday in Birmingham and other cities of Alabama, Spanish speaking employees are working hard. It does not matter what type of business you have from cooking to construction. We teach thing you want taught, not just fire protection.Call to day for this service or write us at [email protected] Ph :(800) 688-9648 Ph: (800) 688-9648for more details.

Make sure that your employees are properly trained according to your training policy and procedures. We can take your policy and procedure and train your employees in Spanish for you. We can also write another of your P&P or parts of it in Spanish. Spanish training videos can also be developed specifically for your industry or your company. Contact us for these service.

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