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Per fire code restaurant fire suppression systems must be serviced every 6 months by a professional fire protection service company. This service is not the same as the fire extinguisher service or the hood and duct cleaning service. All three services should be performed to be in compliance and for safety reasons.

Inside the hood in the restaurant, church kitchen, school kitchen, daycare kitchen, and industrial paint booths there is a fire suppression system. In most cases these fire suppression systems work both automatically when heat reaches a certain level and manually which involves pulling a handle or pressing a button depending on the type and model of the restaurant fire suppression system. All persons working in a kitchen or paint booth should know how to activate the fire suppression system.

Once activated either a liquid or a powder is pushed out of a nozzle by the NO2 or CO2 gas which is contained in the restaurant fire suppression system tank. The liquid system works by creating a foam layer over the fire, cutting off oxygen to the fire and smothering it out. The powder restaurant fire suppression system works by covering the fire and depleting oxygen and putting the fire out. In addition to the restaurant fire suppression system in kitchens, kitchens with fryers or any kitchen where there is a potential for foods to be cooked with grease or oil, must have a K-Class fire extinguisher located within 30 feet of the cooking  appliance. A K-Class fire extinguisher contains a liquid under pressure that is specifically developed for grease type fires.




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