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The importance of preparation are never noticed some much as when we have an emergency. If we look back at the many tragic events in the past few years we will be reminded of the importance of being prepared for any kind of emergency. Emergency awareness and Emergency planning takes in to account all aspects of safety incase of an emergency situation. It makes good sense to insure that you and your family are adequately pre parted for many types of emergencies. These emergencies include home fires, business fires, burn accidents, cutting accidents, falls, tornados, hurricanes, landslides, earthquakes, and other potential threats. Where you live and your living conditions also play an important factor in emergency awareness and emergency planning. A person living in a heavily dense forest area will have to prepare somewhat differently from a person living in a desert. Also some emergencies caused by natural disasters such as hurricanes are more likely to occur in some geographic areas than in others. For example, earthquakes are more likely in California than in Alabama.


First start with the basic supplies. Every houses or business needs an adequate amount of emergency lighting. In the home this can be as simple as having a flashlight with fresh batteries and candles handy. Businesses must have functioning exit lights and emergency lights. Secondly, make sure if you have a house that you have a fire extinguisher that is fully charged and functional. A business is required to have a certain amount of fire extinguishers by code. Size and type will depend on location. Most home owners can get by with a fire extinguisher as small as a 2.5 pound ABC to 5, 10, or 20 pound ABC fire extinguisher. The bigger the extinguisher the more potential it has for putting out a fire.


All locations also need to have adequate communication available. For elderly in homes this might include some of the devices that help to contact an emergency service in case of a fall or other emergency. The most commonly form of communication now is a cell phone. This should be adequate as long as the battery is charged and there are no interruptions with cell towers. I land line may also be of benefit.


What else will you need to prepare for an emergency? In some locations such as near nuclear plants, or where there is extremely bad weather most of the time, you may need an emergency radio. This type of radio sounds an alarm in case of an emergency. Many communities have also placed sirens in strategic locations in order to notify residents of certain potential dangers such as tornados.


You will also need to stock up on non-perishable food such as canned food. Tuna, chicken, beef and other meats are available in cans and can be stored for very long periods of time. These provide a source of protein to help keep muscles strong so that you can face emergency situations. Vegetables and other goods also come in cans and can be stored.. These are essential and need to be stored in case of an emergency need. Water needs to be clean and stored in containers that protect it from contamination. Other products such as colas and snacks can be stored also but do not have a long shelf life and the stock must be checked and changed out periodically.


Fire Extinguisher & Safety companies specialize in preparing for emergencies. Remember that in cases of bad weather, from snow to rain, to tornados to hurricanes, there is an increased potential for fires to occur. And if you think about it, a fire extinguisher that is discharged will not put out a fire. An exit light with burned out light bulbs will not help you to find an exit. And emergency lights that do not function will not work when you are trapped in a burning building such as a movie theater.


Emergency awareness and emergency planning needs to start with proactive steps to insure that fire protection equipment and other emergency equipment and supplies are available, plentiful in proportion to the potential need or hazard, and that the Fire Extinguisher & Safety and other supplies is up to date and checked periodically. For this reason, many smart companies go out of their way to have their fire protection equipment, fire extinguishers, exit lights, emergency lights, and other equipment checked monthly or quarterly instead of yearly. The cost of being prepared is small in comparison to the disaster that can happen with inadequate or nonfunctioning Fire Extinguisher & Safety .


Emergency planning can be made easier with proper preparation even in the worst of situations. At FESCO Fire Extinguisher & Safety Service Company, LLC we specialize in helping you prepare for emergencies. Contact us at (800) 688-9648 for all you emergency planning needs.



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