Fire Protection Wholesale 

 [email protected] Ph :(347) 912-0836

Wholesale Fire Protection
  [email protected] Ph :(347) 912-0836


Contact Us at [email protected] Ph :(347) 912-0836


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Wholesale Fire Protection


We carry a full-line of wholesale fire protection products. Call us to order (347) 912-0836


Fusible Link K - Type

Fusible Link K Type

Fusible Link Globe ML


Fusible Link Globe ML





Contact us if you are looking to by whole fire protection products.

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Wholesale Fire Protection Products

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To an Order for Whole Fire Protection Product


This is available to licensed fire protection companies only.


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[email protected] Ph :(347) 912-0836



Globe Type Fuse Links ( 250, 325, 450, 500, Degree)


K-Type Fuse Links ( 250, 325, 450, 500, Degree)


Fire Extinguisher 2 1/2 #, 5#, 10# ABC


Hood Suppression System Blowoff caps


Recharge Powder for ABC Fire Extinguishers


Other Whole Sale Fire Extingusiher Products





Fesco Fire Extinguisher & Safety Service Company, LLC


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For Hood and Duct Cleaning You May Also Contact

Hood Master Hood and Duct Cleaning Company

New York, NY, Newark, NJ, Los Angeles, CA

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