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Ylka Jimenez is the General Manager of FESCO Fire Extinguisher & Safety Service Company, LLC. New York, NY, Newark, NJ, Los Angeles, . She was formally the office manager for Southern Fire Solutions, New York, NY, Newark, NJ, Los Angeles, . She has a degree in computer engineering and has a very strong background in computer networking, system integrations and several softwares and programs.
She also has many years experience in management, including running a large electrical engineering company office. She has extensive knowledge of fire protection and has been certified by several companies in fire suppression system installs and maintenance. She speaks Spanish and English. She can be reached at [email protected] Ph :(800) 688-9648


Michael Irvin is the VP of Marketing and Sales. He started a company with zero customers in the 1990s called Southern Fire Solutions. When he decided to sell his business in 2010, he became the VP of Marketing for FESCO Fire Extinguisher & Safety Service Company, LLC, New York, NY, Newark, NJ, Los Angeles, CA. He has over 20 years experience in Fire Protection, Marketing, Sales, and Management. Mr. Irvin studied Mechanical and Materials Engineering at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, AL.

"I have directly supervised or participated in an estimated 20,000 completed customer workorders. For me a number like that tells a customer that we are going to do the job right. We are going to do the job professionally, And we are going to give great customer service." Michael Irvin GM, FECSO Fire Extinguisher & Safety Service Company, LLC. He holds a Bachelors of Marketing and Management and studied law at Birmingham School of Law. Mr. Irvin is fluent in both English and Spanish. You can contact Mr. Irvin at [email protected]

[email protected] Ph :(800) 688-9648

Read what my insurance agent says about our service and dependability.
 “Owning a fire protection company and being customer of mine with a liability policy  since December 10, 2000, and having no claims is a true testament of practicing good business techniques and a dedication to “Safety Is Always First”. It is also rare in his industry. “

Walter C. Schor
Farmers Insurance Agent
Vestavia, Alabama


This may be one of the reasons that so many Birmingham customers have switched to us for their fire extinguisher and other fire protection services.


Our other team members include our Nafed Certified Fire Extinguisher and Kitchen Suppression System Technicians, Industrial Systems technicians. Kitchen, Church, Restaurant, Day Care and Industrial Systems Hood and Duct, Grease and Exhaust systems staff, Bilingual Safety Training staff, Bilingual Fire Extinguisher Training Staff.



UL-Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.
NFPA-National Fire Protection Association
ULC-Underwriters Laboratories of Canada
NAFED-National Association of Fire Extinguisher & Safety Distributors
FEMA-Fire Extinguisher & Safety Manufacturers Association, Inc.
FM-Factory Mutual Research Corporation
NASFM-National Association of State Fire Marshals
SFPE-Society of Fire Protection Engineers
EPA - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
NIST-National Institute of Standards


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Buckeye Fire Extinguisher & Safety Material Safety Data Sheets

Technicians trained in all types of fire extinguisher and fire suppression systems including Buckeye, Ansul, Range Graurd, Guardian, Amerex. Certified by FPC, Ltd. Fire Protection Certified, Ltd. DOT Training Certified, Trained and Certified for Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York and other States.

Prior certifications and training by Ansul, Amerex, Buckeye, and Pyrochem,

NaFed Certified to repair, install, maintain, inspect, and service all types of Fire Extinguishers and Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems. ICC Certified to repair, install, maintain, inspect, and service all types of Fire Extinguishers and Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems. FCP certification since 1990.

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