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"My technicians have been responsible for over 5,000 Hoods and Ducts Cleaned.


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over the past 17 years." Michael Irvin, GM Fesco Fire Extinguisher & Safety Service Company, LLC New York, NY, Newark, NJ, Los Angeles, CA


Most commercial or restaurant kitchen hoods are required to be professionally cleaned by a hood and duct grease cleaning company every 3 months. Under some circumstances church and school kitchen hood systems may be professionally cleaned at every 6 month intervals. But any hood that is used frequently will need more frequent cleaning. This cleaning includes the cleaning of the hood filters. Chinese restaurants and restaurants using solid fuel to cook (chargriling, wood cooking, etc.) need professional cleaning at least every month.




Our average price for hood and duct cleaning is around $325. Price for cleaning some hoods like those used in Chinese type cooking may be as high as $1200 per cleaning.. But that is not typical. Price depends on size of hood, type of cooking involved, how often cleaned, wheather hood is currently at a normal state or has been neglected for some time, size and type of duct, other factors may determine price quote. ,




Chinese Restauant Closes Due to Customers Smelling Like Stir Fry?


You could be losing cutomers for reasons you do not know.


Is your kitchen filled with smoke? Are you and your employees suffering from excess heat?


Clean Hoods are Cooler, More Efficient and Safer.






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